Foros – Bronx Envision Academy

Business Program and Business Plan Competition

We have partnered with visionary educator Emily Shu, Principal of the Bronx Envision Academy, to establish the Foros-BEA Business Program, which exposes students to important business concepts. BEA is a small New York City public high school that serves students interested in a challenging curriculum and intensive internship experiences ( Foros professionals team up with a BEA teacher (Kristen Georgia for the past two years) to teach the Business Program, an on-site, semester-long class. We instruct students on the fundamentals of business, ranging from the financial aspects to competition and industries in the global economy. Students ultimately put that learning to work by participating in a Business Plan Competition at the end of the semester. During the Competition, the students present their plans to a panel of judges composed of senior business executives. Students frequently report that the Program and the Competition are two of the most impactful experiences of their high school years.

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