Foros Announces Another Strong Year 2018

Three experienced professionals promoted in recognition of their successes

In 2018 we advised on six announced transactions, ranging in size from $2.9 billion to $40 million.  At the same time, we continue to perform important strategic assessment work for several clients that has not yet resulted in transactions.  Consistent with our basic tenets of creating long-term value and advising against transactions that do not create value, we take as much pride in our long-term strategic advice as we do in announced transactions.

Our 2018 results further demonstrated that strategic M&A advice, derived rigorously and delivered with integrity, is valued by clients across sectors and industries. Transaction announcements ran the gamut last year, with transactions in Airport Infrastructure, Building Materials, Digital Marketing, Enterprise SaaS, Food Distribution and Vehicle and Industrial Components.

Team Growth and Promotions

In 2018 we were pleased to welcome veteran investment banker Roberto Mendoza as Managing Director.  Over his career, Roberto has advised and served on the boards of some of the world’s leading corporations, including ten years as Vice Chairman of the Board of JP Morgan where he served for 30 years and led the M&A, Capital Markets and Private Equity businesses.

Looking to 2019, we take great pleasure and pride in announcing the promotions of Khaled Ashour to Managing Director; Aizaz “Oz” Haque to Managing Director; and Alex Winter to Vice President.  Alex has been with the firm since graduation from the University of Pennsylvania seven years ago.  Khaled joined us two and half years ago from Credit Suisse and Oz joined us seven years ago from Deutsche Bank.  As some of you have experienced first-hand, each one of Khaled, Oz and Alex is the embodiment of the firm’s values (rigor, integrity and true client partnership), and they have each made key contributions to our clients and the firm over their tenure here. Please join us in congratulating them on this important milestone in their careers.

As a 25‐person firm, each of our team members makes an outsize contribution to our success.  Our size also affords a level of discretion and confidentiality allowing our clients to feel comfortable sharing their strategic insights and challenges, making Foros a true advisory partner in helping shape their long-term success.

Since its founding in June 2009, Foros has served 73 clients, advising on 74 announced transactions with over $62 billion in transaction value, with the vast majority of clients working with us over several years or multiple announcements.  We eagerly anticipate the joyous occasion of marking our 10th anniversary in June 2019.

We thank you again for your partnership that has helped Foros thrive over the years.  We look forward to continuing our work with you in 2019 and wish you a healthy and successful year.