Foros Celebrates Tenth Anniversary!

We founded Foros in June 2009 and celebrated our Tenth Anniversary as a firm in June 2019, surrounded by our alums, partners, clients, friends and families.

A decade is a long time and much has changed in the world. Ten years ago, we were in the midst of an economic crisis that revealed the multitude of ways in which the financial system was broken and suggested many of the practices associated with the larger institutions were the culprit. We set out on a journey to do things differently: rigorous analysis insisting on chasing the right answer hard and far; advice with integrity devoid of conflicts of all types; consistently saying what we think clearly and forcefully; and partnership with our clients to maximize value for them with a long term perspective.

Ten years later, the economy is back, the financial system is back and a good deal of business continues as usual. Throughout this period and up to today, select companies have appreciated that there is value in our differentiated approach. Many of those companies (74 to be precise) have selected us as their advisor on projects large and small and have worked with us over a number of years and on multiple transactions.

We are very proud of what we have built. A top advisory team on Wall Street that works tirelessly and rigorously for the best answer. A group of discerning clients who view us as their thought partner on their most critical challenges. A track record of successful outcomes, from transactions we advised against to the 75 we advised to a successful completion for a total of $62 billion in transaction volume, always with the sole goal of maximizing shareholder value relative to alternatives.

We are delighted that fidelity to values and financial success have gone hand in hand. For that, we are grateful to our clients who recognize that differentiated work should be rewarded appropriately.

Humbled by this success, we have focused on giving back in many different ways, from supporting New York City organizations to partnering with the Bronx Envision Academy. Most significantly, we are the driving force behind the founding of a premier high school in Ethiopia, the first of its kind in the poorest of the world’s most populous countries, with a population of 105 million and a median age of 18. You can learn more at Our sincere thanks to those of you who have taken the additional step of supporting that project.

We look forward to many more years of advisory partnership with our clients, current and future.

Onwards and upwards!

The Foros Team