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Mission Statement

Winding Up to Wind Down

Some companies who choose to close up shop rather than reach for growth can return more value to shareholders.

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Google and Amazon

Canaries in the Enterprise Coal Mine

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Bucking the Odds

When Buying Growth Makes Sense

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Saved by the Bell?

AT&T – Time Warner Deal a Risky Last Call for CEO

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Musk’s Lesson for Redstone

Overlapping insider ownership in merging companies raises questions that should be proactively addressed

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Deal “EPS Accretion”

How Acquisition Math is Skewed to Present a Positive Story

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Redefining Value in Tech

How Micro Focus bested Facebook in shareholder return with modest revenue growth

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When It Pays to Pay Taxes

U.S. Companies Would Be Better Off Repatriating Excess Offshore Cash

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Busting the Tech IPO Myth

Post-2009 U.S. Tech IPOs Had Negative Returns Relative to Market

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